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News, Website & Sale

Post  MattBass6 on Tue Apr 05, 2011 9:45 am

Hello all and I hope you are well? We have a rather wonderfully shiny, new website -

We decided that in the lead up to album 4 we would give everything a complete makeover and in the process tie in all our associated sites such as our forum, YouTube etc, with the same theme so you always know that you are at an official Reasoning page.

To celebrate the launch of the new site, we have decided to lay on a very special shop sale for you all. All CDs are now only £5.00 and our DVD and T-Shirt are both priced at a ridiculous £8.00 These are inflation busting prices that will hopefully add a little extra sunshine to your day. Grab a bargain while you can. This sale will only last until 1) the end of April when prices go back to normal and / or 2) when stock runs out.

Now for a quick update for you on album 4. We have already done extensive writing at our respective studios over the past couple of months plus, we had a 4 day writing session here in Cardiff in March. Out of that session, we got some incredible ideas that have us very excited. In essence, we have 4 songs in their raw state which are now in the hands of Rachel who is busy writing some incredible lyrics and melodies. This week, we head to Colchester for the next writing session, which again, is for 4 days. After that we will start constructing the album ready for recording. The drum session has been booked for early July with the rest of the instruments being recorded in July too.

The new material really is sounding wonderful with everyone contributing making this the first album to be written as a complete band. We cannot wait to get the songs out to you and more importantly, play them live. We are currently booking tours and exploring many new and exciting avenues to get our music out there so, as soon as we have news on all these things you will be the first to know. Rest assured we will be covering a lot of ground in the coming months and years. On top of that, our first gig of 2011 at ROSfest in the USA, will feature at least 2 new songs from the album. So, we had better get to work quick smart!

Finally, tickets for our Borderline gig on the 22nd July 2011 are selling really quickly which is wonderful news and thank you - get them while you can. This will be our first UK date of 2011 and we will be playing all our past "hits" and introducing new future "hits" as well. It's going to be one hell of a party.

Enjoy the new site and we all look forward to seeing you very soon. Be happy and take care.

Love as always,

Rach, Owain, Tony, Matt & Jake xxxxx


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